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My Best Friend Free Essays

MY BEST FRIEND I have always had many friends since I began to attend primary school. But most of my relationships ended as soon as we stopped going to the same school. Only my friendship with my best friend survived. We will write a custom essay sample on My Best Friend or any similar topic only for you Order Now She is called Lucia – as me. She was one of my schoolmates and we also were neighbours for many years. Although we already don’t live in the same town, we still get in touch. I usually chat online to her. We enjoy sending photos of our families to each other. Sometimes we spent an hour speaking about all sorts of things. Mostly we have the same point of view of things and even if we argue we always find a way out. Lucia’s appearance has changed very much since that time, but her character has remained the same. She looks shy but she is like that only with people that she doesn’t know well. On the contrary she is very sociable when she gets to know you. She is sincere, but polite, tactful and amiable. She is not easily angered, touchy, or hot tempered. She has still remained a bit withdrawn in some situations but on the other hand she is dutiful and consistent as far as her priorities are concerned. She is a little suspicious and wary when people praise her. But she is warm-hearted, good-natured, tolerant and sensitive to other people’s shortcomings. What I like best about her is that she is always ready to help when it is necessary. She understands my problems and I can rely on her. These are the qualities of her character which I like her for. Although she has her faults, nobody is perfect, I really like her very much and I hope we shall stay friends in the future. How to cite My Best Friend, Essay examples My Best Friend Free Essays My Best Friend Everyone has memorable experiences. It could be happiness, sadness, or tragedy. Of course I have memorable experiences. We will write a custom essay sample on My Best Friend or any similar topic only for you Order Now It must be the one who was involved in those cases. She is my best friend, Febri Afifah. I really admire her because she is very humble and helpful. I have many experiences with her. Because of that, I really know about her kindness and badness. In this essay, I will talk about her who was involved in one of my memorable experiences. Our relationship is always good. It might be because she is very patient with me, although I often made her disappointed. I have known her since I was a child. My house is close to hers, she is my neighbor. Her childhood was not as lucky as me, but she never gave up and she always looks happy. Unfortunately, she never went to kindergarten. At that time, her family did not have enough money to pay school fee. They spend their money to treat her mother. Her mother got an accident that made her legs could not run normally. When I went to elementary school, she went to elementary school too. But we studied at the different school. Returning from school I played with her at my house, sometimes we studied together. We grew up together and we always have unforgettable experiences day by day. I remember, at that time we went to her new house. The traffic was jammed and we had to crossing the road. When we were crossing the road, I accidentally stepped on her sandals and then her sandals runaway from her feet. When we reached the other side of the road, she returned to the middle of the road to pick up her sandals. That moment made some cars honked, she was really surprised and I just could laugh to see her. I have many funny moments with her. She always makes me laugh when I need to laugh. If I cry because of some problems, she will be beside me and tells some jokes. It has always been a weapon to restore my mood. She is funny, cheerful, and always looks happy. It can make people very comfortable. I’m lucky person because i know her. How to cite My Best Friend, Essay examples My Best Friend Free Essays My best friend Everybody always has friend or friendship. There are a lot of kinds of friends. We have friends, close friends and best friends. We will write a custom essay sample on My Best Friend or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is said a friend needs to be a good friend but it hard to find a best friend. Best friends need to know about certain qualities of each other. Best friends are always there for you when you’re down or having problems. A best friend is the person you can always rely on for anything no matter what. Best friends stick up for you even if you are wrong. Best friends have equal honesty for one another. There is no lie between two friends is just together. The last few years, I was in my country, I had one best friend. He is a nice person who I spent a lot of my time with. I spend a lot time with him more than another friend. I noticed he was the best friend for me. He was always truthful to me in everything that I told him. He never hesitates or confirm me what I did. He would always support and help me all the time. We never lie to each other. Sometime, someone asked him â€Å"why you always trust your friend all the time and anything? † Maybe, they were jealous of me because I had such a good friend in him. A best friend is a friend who spends more time than anyone together. He always went anywhere where I needed to go. I always ask him to go with me all the time. He never refused my request, even at night or when he was very busy. We always hang out together after school. We had fun together during we spent time together. He always told fun stories to me all the time. His stories were always fiction stories; what he had imagined by himself, but they were always little bit crazy and funny. I like to spent time with him more than other friend. Releted essay –  An Empty Purse Frightens Away Friends I never took care of him at all. It may have not fair to him. He might think he wasted his time when he spent time with me. He could not do whatever he wants for himself. He might need his time with another friend. He is a kind person. He always helps me when I had problems. I always talk about my problems to him when I didn’t know how to solve it. He never leaves me alone. Sometime, I didn’t have enough money to buy something, he always share his money to me. Other way, I need to give back to him because I thought best friend never want something from another one. We need to help together when we have problems. It might hurt another one’s feeling who was his friend, and he could not do anything with them. A best friend is the best relationship between two peoples. There is need to do something and helping together. It can be happiness or give hand to another one. It cans honesty and trusts together when we do something and don’t lie to another one. Best friend can make us have fun and happiness in our life. It is the best memory when we thinking about our friend. How to cite My Best Friend, Essay examples My Best Friend Free Essays â€Å"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever the same† (Unknown). We will write a custom essay sample on My Best Friend or any similar topic only for you Order Now What is a â€Å"best friend†? Almost everyone has one, and almost everyone is one. There’s something about a best friend that cannot be duplicated. Everyone has their own definition of what their own best friend is like and what an impact he or she has made in their life. In this essay I would like to take a better look at some of the simple things that we might take for granted when we think of our best friends. A best friend is a title held for the few and privileged. The term cannot be thrown around loosely. Not just anyone can be called your best friend. A best friend has to first meet several qualifications and have many outstanding characteristics to have the honor of holding such a prestigious title. Being a best friend is more than someone that you’ve seen everyday and grown up with. A best friend can be someone with whom you’ve known since childhood but can also be someone that you’ve just met, and similar to â€Å"love at first sight,† you just click with. The true definition of a best friend is someone that knows you inside Do you have a true best friend? I sure do. _____ is truly my best friend. She is always there for me. She knows everything about me; even my secrets. I can’t keep anything from her! She is the person who will help me when I am down, turn my frown upside-down, and make me feel better about myself. I can’t imagine any better of a friend. I love her more than anything and I would die for her. Megan and I are always together; no matter where we are! We go to places like the mall and movies, to the mountains and lakes! Together we go most everywhere! A few days ago we got Pose pictures together! We always go shopping How to cite My Best Friend, Papers

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